Lancaster’s Top Electrical Designers

From start to finish, our team at Chestnut Valley Control Systems is prepared to efficiently handle every aspect of your Electrical Design. We're a full-service system integrator from Lancaster County with a vast understanding of what our clients need to meet their goals.

Our dependable team works diligently to manage every aspect of your design, build, update, and installation. We have a thorough project management process that goes beyond the initial design to include preliminary design review the acquisition of components, testing, installation, and verification.

Control Systems & Panel Assembly

At Chestnut Valley Control Systems, our control panels are designed for easy troubleshooting by maintenance / service personnel. All components are identified in the panel and the schematics. We use many brands you may already have in stock such as Banner, Turck, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Siemens. Just let us know what you prefer. Environmental and electrical standards are strictly adhered to throughout the process.

The experienced system integrators at our company provide top quality service to clients, no matter how big or small the project. Whether you are building onto an existing system or updating an existing system, allow us to identify possible solutions for your challenges, assess risks, and recommend any appropriate additions that meet your budget.

Local business is important to us. That’s why we build and assemble our control panels here in Lancaster, PA. Not only does this allow us to test everything prior to delivery, but it also allows us to maintain the quality of our control panels.

Digital Access Control Panel Plans Advanced Control System Maintenance

Electrical Control Design & Installation with AutoCAD

The use of engineering and design software allows us to create electrical control systems with incredible precision and detail. Our AutoCAD services streamline the instrumentation and control panel design process with detailed electrical drawings completed according to UL 508 code standards.

Custom HMI Integrator Setup

Data Acquisition

An integrated system often has to acquire various types of data that may include additional data from remote sites. Thankfully, we are experienced professionals in designing and creating data collection systems that meet your information needs. If you need assistance with data reporting, database design, and software development, we can do that, too.

Closed-face Programming System Integration

PLC & HMI Programming Professionals

A well-designed combination of PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface) can provide a solid foundation for your control system and related automated functions. We will use PLC and HMI programming to improve your process efficiencies. We are experienced in many different PLC and HMI manufacturers software. Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Honeywell, Automation Direct, Phoenix contact, and Schneider Electric are just a few manufacturers we used for customers.

Increase Employee Safety with Safety Control Integration

Safety is always designed into our systems. We will work with your team to upgrade or design an initial system to whatever level of safety that is required. A well-designed system that includes a safety component, increases the safety of your employees as well as machine safety while also minimizing downtime that can negatively affect production.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments with Prompt Service

We provide trusted professionals who provide well documented risk assessments of your equipment. If needed, we will follow up with a design so that your system will meet or exceed the recommendations of the risk assessment.

Should your system need attention, we will respond promptly to service and repair requests. We are just a phone call away should you have any concerns about your existing control panel, system programming, or other electrical design questions.

Chestnut Valley Control Systems is your one-stop source for machine control and system integration in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and across the globe. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our friendly business system integrators.