Industrial & Retail Engineering Services in Pennsylvania

Today a growing number of enterprises have discovered the power of automation. The Internet of Things ("IoT") has really just started producing remarkable changes in society. If your firm would like to implement a new control system to help enhance your product manufacturing or retail distribution and sales efforts, we offer valuable assistance.

Harness the capabilities of modern computer technology to help streamline and enhance your daily business operations in Pennsylvania, and across the world.

PA's Top Engineering Design Services

Currently based in Manheim, Pennsylvania, we offer skilled engineering design services for a wide variety of industrial systems and facilities. We specialize in computer and electrical engineering projects, particularly those implementing automated systems and systems control devices and interfaces. Our software engineers possess familiarity with many control systems, including hardware manufactured by leading names in the industry, such as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi and others.


We also help numerous retailers automate their enterprises to better serve their customers. Draw upon our systems engineering skills to improve your company's data collection, database design and business intelligence efforts. We help firms across the state of PA integrate these complex systems into their daily operations more efficiently.


Versatile Control System Engineers

Today businesses in many industries face challenges due to potentially disruptive new technologies in the marketplace. Use our expertise to ensure your enterprise keeps pace with these changes. We'll help you evaluate your business operations and implement useful improvements.

Our control system engineers offer consultations and project management and testing assistance. Again, we'll work in tandem with other engineering experts (including your in-house staff or your biochemical or chemical engineer in PA) to help you achieve the results you desire. We offer multi-faceted assistance.


Your Trusted Control Panel Integrator in PA

We frequently support clients implementing new access control systems in their facilities. We'll help you install and set up control panels to automate and monitor your company's plant or retail business operations. We work with a broad cross-section of different commercial enterprises in the State of Pennsylvania.

We'll perform systems analysis and design, offer engineering expertise, and even provide project management and deployment skills(including coding and programming). Our team helps customers address projects both large and small in scope.


Additional Information

To obtain further information about our electrical engineering services, or to schedule an appointment with us, contact Chestnut Valley Control Systems at 717-330-2356. We'd like to become your first choice when you seek a capable engineering control panel integrator in PA!